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March 21, 2005

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Figure 1. FXC Data Sources

Figure 2. Initial State of the FXC User Interface

Figure 3. File Pull-Down Menu

Figure 4. FXC Procedure Dialog Box

Figure 5. FXC Slide Show Dialog Box

Figure 6. View Pull-Down Menu

Figure 7. Options Pull-Down Menu

Figure 8. Display Properties Submenu

Figure 9. Area Submenu

Figure 10. Load Mode Submenu

Figure 11. Frames Submenu

Figure 12. Character Size Submenu

Figure 13. Display Density

Figure 14. Loop Properties Dialog Box

Figure 15. Image Properties Dialog Box

Figure 16. Image Color Submenu

Figure 17. Table Selector Menu

Figure 18. Color Table

Figure 19. Display Colors

Figure 20. Display Size Submenu

Figure 21. Toolbars Submenu

Figure 22. Display Palette

Figure 23. Set Clock Time Menu

Figure 27. Volume Pull-Down Menu

Figure 28. Volume Browser

Figure 29. Volume Browser with Presentation Options Menu

Figure 30. Obs Pull-Down Menu

Figure 31. NCEP/Hydro Pull-Down Menu

Figure 32. Upper Air Menu Pull-Down Menu

Figure 33. Satellite Pull-Down Menu

Figure 34. kxxx - Local Doppler Radar Pull-Down Menu

Figure 35. Radar Pull-Down Menu

Figure 36. Maps Pull-Down Menu

Figure 37. Help Menu and About FXC Window

Figure 37a. Help Topics Menu

Figure 38. Main Toolbar

Figure 39. Drawing Toolbar (Shown in the Default Horizontal Layout)

Figure 40. "Vertical" Drawing Toolbar

Figure 41. Sample Drawing

Figure 42. Pop-Up Options Menu for Manual Graphics

Figure 44. Slide Show Dialog Box

Figure 45. Select Slide Type Dialog Box

Figure 46. Editing a Slide


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